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Blue tinted shower glass is one of the common types of shower glass that has a blue hue or tint to it. It is also known as blue tint glass for shower. Blue tinted shower glass is manufactured through the float process, incorporating a pleasing blue hue that gives a delicate blue tint to the glass and adds an enchanting touch to various shower screen, shower enclosures. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the blue tint provides functional advantages including solar control and privacy.

Like its tinted shower glass family, blue tinted glass is available in different thicknesses, making it suitable for a diverse range of bathroom projects. Whether you seek a specific look or specific performance in your glass installations, blue tinted shower glass offers the flexibility to achieve your desired results. Its combination of blue visual allure and practical benefits makes it an excellent choice for enhancing the beauty and functionality of shower enclosures and other glass features.

MIGO Glass offers shower glass in thickness options of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, providing flexibility to suit different needs. Among them, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thickness blue tinted glass are commonly used shower glass for shower doors, shower screens, shower shelves, shower enclosures, and more.

1 Blue Tinted Shower Glass Features

Blue tint shower glass provides both functional and decorative advantages, ensuring a visually pleasing and secure shower enclosure in your bathroom.

1.1 Aesthetic Appeal of Blue Tinted Shower Glass

Incorporating blue tinted glass into your bathroom can bring a modern and stylish touch. Blue tint glass blends seamlessly with different shower room design themes, whether a contemporary or beach-inspired bathroom aesthetic. The subtle blue tint adds a refreshing and visually appealing element, enhancing the overall ambiance of your bathroom space. MIGO Glass offers ocean and fort blue options for your bathroom which is compatible with cool colors like whites, grays, and other shades of blue.

1.2 Privacy and Light Transmission of of Blue Tinted Shower Glass

Different blue tint can offer different level of privacy, making it more difficult for people outside the shower to see in.

The tint options of the glass influences the light transmission, providing a balance between privacy and the entry of natural light into the shower area. This combination creates an attractive visual effect, ensuring privacy while still allowing a pleasant amount of light to illuminate the space.

MIGO Glass offers custom blue tinted glass for your demands.

1.3 UV Protection

Blue tinted shower glass in the bathroom offers the advantage of UV protection, which helps safeguard bathroom fixtures and accessories from fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure. The tinted glass acts as a barrier, reducing the amount of harmful UV rays that penetrate the space.

1.4 Customization

MIGO Glass has its own shower glass factory for glass manufacturing and shower glass deep processing. We provide custom shower glass with available intensity of the blue tint based on your preferences. Some may prefer a subtle tint, while others may opt for a more pronounced blue hue.

2 Specifications of MIGO Blue Tinted Shower Glass

1Processing TechnologyTempered, Laminated or Heat-strengthened 
2Tint OptionsOcean Blue, Fort Blue, Light Blue, and more 
3Thickness3mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm≤ ±0.30mm
4Size100mm -2500mm≤ ±1mm
5Edge Shapes1-5mm (Straight, Round or Duckbill edge )≤ ±0.5mm
6CornersR3mm-50mm (Natural, grind, or round corner with fine polished)≤ ±1mm
7Hole Diameter5mm-50mm≤ ±0.5mm
8Standard Size900mm x 1800mm / 1000mm x 2000mm / 1200mm x 2400mm≤ ±1mm
9PackageSafety Plywood Packages 

3 Blue Tinted Shower Glass Manufacturing Process

Blue tinted shower glass is created using the float process, where small amounts of blue metal oxides are added to the regular clear glass mixture. During the smelting stage, these oxides impart the desired blue coloration to the glass. Despite the addition of blue color, the fundamental properties of the glass remain unaffected, although the visible light reflectance may be slightly higher compared to clear glass.

Tempered or toughened shower glass is a specific type of safety glass that undergoes controlled thermal or chemical treatments to enhance its strength compared to regular glass. In the case of blue tinted glass, the tempered variant provides an additional layer of safety. The blue tinted color not only serves as a decorative element but also maintains the shower glass’s safety characteristics.

The tempering or toughening process of shower glass involves subjecting it to intense heat followed by rapid cooling, creating internal stresses that enhance its durability and resistance to breakage. In the event of breakage, blue tinted tempered shower glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces, reducing the risk of injury from sharp shards.

Combining the safety benefits of tempered glass with the aesthetic appeal of a blue tinted color, blue tinted tempered glass becomes a desirable choice for shower doors, screens and enclosures.

4 Applications of Blue Tinted Glass 

Blue tinted glass can be used for screens, doors, windows, enclosures, shelves in shower room, it is widely used for office partition, balcony, balustrade, pool fence, table top, greenhouse, sunroom, furniture and so on.

When choosing blue tinted shower glass, you should consider your personal preferences, overall bathroom design, maintenance and privacy, and more. Any questions or inquiries, please contact us, we offer consultation with a professional to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

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