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  • Our partners are Ameican and European Brands
  • More transparent than clear shower glass
  • Providing maximum brightness for shower enclosures
  • Flat or pencil edge, hole drilling, cut out, pattern printing are available
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ≥1000 kg, order cycle is 60~85 days
  • Sample order is 10~20 days


Low iron shower glass is a specially treated shower glass with an extremely low iron content in the molten glass formula. Low iron shower glass is designed to eliminate the green tint commonly found in traditional glass. Unlike standard clear glass, low iron glass is more transparent and allows a greater amount of light to pass through. Its colorless or nearly colorless appearance ensures optimal transparency and texture for bathroom glass applications. 

Additionally, low iron glass provides unobstructed views, allowing for clear visibility and enhanced aesthetics. The increased transparency of low iron shower glass enables more light to shine through, creating a brighter and more open atmosphere in the bathroom. Furthermore, this type of glass offers improved color reproduction, enhancing the vibrancy and clarity of objects seen through it. The purer transparency of low iron shower glass adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom design while maximizing the visual impact of the space. With its exceptional clarity and light transmission, low iron shower glass is an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated and visually appealing shower enclosure.

MIGO Glass is the leading custom shower glass manufacturer and supplier. MIGO low iron glass is widely used in shower screen, shower doors, shower enclosure, bathroom windows, and more. We wholesale custom low iron glass with complete thickness and sizes at competitive factory price. 

1 Specifications of Low Iron Shower Glass

1Processing TechnologyTempered / Laminated 
2Thickness3mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm≤ ±0.30mm
3Size100mm -2500mm≤ ±1mm
4Edge Shapes1-5mm (Straight, Round or Duckbill edge )≤ ±0.5mm
5CornersR3mm-50mm (Right Angle, Safety Corner or Fillet)≤ ±1mm
6Hole Diameter5mm-50mm≤ ±0.5mm
7Standard Height and Width900mm x 1800mm / 1000mm x 2000mm / 1200mm x 2400mm≤ ±1mm
8PackageSafety Plywood Packages 

2 MIGO Low Iron Shower Glass Features

2.1 Premium Materials For MIGO Low Iron Shower Glass 

MIGO Glass carefully selects high-purity raw materials to guarantee the superior quality and durability of their low iron shower glass. By using premium materials, MIGO ensures that the glass possesses exceptional clarity and transparency while maintaining its strength and longevity. The high-purity raw materials contribute to the overall performance of the low iron shower glass, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and durability. MIGO’s commitment to choosing the finest materials underscores their dedication to providing customers with a reliable and visually stunning low iron shower glass solution for their bathroom needs.

2.2 Excellent Transparency

Compared to clear shower glass, low iron shower glass possesses a higher level of transparency. This enhanced transparency allows light to pass through more freely, creating a brighter and more open ambiance in the shower area. The reduced iron content in low iron glass minimizes any greenish tint, resulting in a clearer and more pristine appearance. With its increased transparency, low iron shower glass maximizes the flow of natural and artificial light, providing a visually appealing and inviting space for a refreshing shower experience.

2.3 Pefect Edge Work

MIGO Glass has its own advanced shower glass deep processing factory, featuring state-of-the-art equipment. With these cutting-edge facilities, MIGO Glass ensures precise and high-quality processing for low iron glass. The edges of low iron glass produced by MIGO are exceptionally clear and exhibit minimal green tint. This superior edge clarity enhances the overall aesthetics of the glass, creating a sleek and modern appearance. MIGO’s commitment to utilizing top-notch equipment and expertise in glass processing guarantees that customers receive low iron glass products with impeccable edge quality and an enhanced visual appeal.

2.4 Enhanced Color Reproduction

MIGO’s low iron shower glass excels at rendering colors with exceptional accuracy, enhancing the vibrancy and richness of bathroom tiles, walls, and accessories. With its superior clarity and reduced green tint, the low iron glass allows colors to appear more true to life and vivid. This heightened color reproduction enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom, creating a visually stunning environment. MIGO’s commitment to producing high-quality low iron shower glass ensures that every detail of the bathroom’s design is showcased with precision and brilliance, providing a captivating and immersive bathing experience.

3 Manufacturing and Processing Steps

MIGO focuses on shower glass manufacturing and deep processing. All our shower glass meets excellent quality standard and accurate technical requirements. Followed are the main steps:

  • Material screening. High-purity raw materials is important for low-iron shower glass. These ingredients are rigorously screened and tested to ensure they have extremely low iron content, eliminating the green tint in the glass.
  • Melting and cooling. The selected raw material is fed into a special glass furnace and heated to high temperatures to melt it. In the molten state, the material becomes plastic and can be processed into desired shapes. Then, through a precise temperature control and cooling process, it is quickly cooled to room temperature, forming colorless or almost colorless low iron glass shower.
  • Processing and shaping. The cooled glass panels are sent to the processing shop for cutting, grinding and shaping. First, advanced cutting technology is used to cut the glass plate into the required shape according to the customer’s size requirements. Then sand it to make sure the edges are smooth and secure. Depending on specific design requirements, glass can also be drilled, bent, and tempered.
  • Quality Control. Strict quality control procedures and testing standards are applied for the screening of raw materials and every processes.
  • Package and transportation. We use professional packaging materials and methods to ensure that shower glass is safe and undamaged during transportation.

4 Applications of MIGO Low Iron Shower Glass 

For those seeking high-quality shower glass, MIGO Glass offers low iron shower glass for doors, screens, and enclosures in bathrooms and showers, MIGO’s low iron shower glass is a popular choice in various settings, including homes, hotels, hospitals, and commercial buildings. The custom transparent glass shower from MIGO has gained significant popularity, particularly in the American and European markets. With its exceptional clarity and durability, MIGO’s shower glass provides an attractive and functional solution for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any shower space. Whether it’s for a residential bathroom or a large-scale commercial project, MIGO’s low iron shower glass delivers on both style and performance, making it an appealing choice for discerning customers.

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As the leading shower glass manufacturer and supplier, MIGO Shower Glass delivers complete line of excellent quality products and solutions for shower room. We also wholesale a wide range of shower glass hardware and accessories.

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