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Certificates had witnessed our continuous efforts and achieved results on employees and environmental protection, manufacturing process management and quality assurance system. We hold SGCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and CSI compliance certifications, which represent our long-term promises to our customers and ourselves. The goal of MIGO Glass is to deliver the finest quality shower glass products and excellent services to customers worldwide. In recent years, we have continuously invested in technological innovation and manufacturing facilities to ensure leading technology and high-quality shower glass and hardware products and services. Our talented shower glass design experts and their experiences are our real wealth and competence, adding significant value to our certifications. 

At MIGO Glass, our decisions, actions and products consistently reflect high quality standards, a tradition upheld for almost 20 years.

MIGO SGCC cerfication
ASNZS2208 of laminated glass factory (2023-2024)

MIGO Shower glass is committed to product innovation, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction in the long term. Continuous improvement has become our corporate culture. Our certificates enable us to implement strict manufacturing and quality control processes, ensuring effective and efficient performance from our employees. We not only manufacture high-quality products but also provide professional design, strict quality assurance, and excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

In our work, we constantly strive for improvement and never settle for the status quo. Continuous improvement is ingrained in our corporate culture, not just a mere slogan. Since 2003, we have regularly certified our quality management system to SGCC and ISO 9001.

Our future-oriented technology empowers our employees to deliver efficient and top-notch service. We utilize the Certificate of Compliance (CE) to stay updated on our current quality levels and respond promptly to changes. To meet the growing demands for product quality, we employ highly advanced measurement methods.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our system, contributing to our overall success through continuous supplier development.

Hope to be your partner.

ISO9001 cetificates of shower glass manufacturers
ISO14001 certificates of shower glass factory
CE Certificate of tempered glass supplier

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