Fixed Shower Screen

Fixed shower screen is a stationary glass panel enclosing one side of shower area.  The fixed shower glass panel serves the purpose of containing water within the shower area while allowing easy access in and out. Unlike sliding or swinging shower doors, the fixed shower screen remains in a stationary position and does not open or close. This design feature ensures that water splashing is minimized, keeping the rest of the bathroom space dry and free from water damage. The fixed shower glass panel provides a sleek and modern look to the bathroom while offering a practical solution for maintaining a clean and functional showering environment.

MIGO Shower Glass is the leading custom shower screen manufacturer and supplier. We offer a variety of shower glass solution for framed and frameless fixed panel shower screen at competitive factory price. 

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Table of Contents

1. Main Components of Fixed Shower Screen

Fixed shower screens have various designs and configurations to suit different bathroom layouts and personal preferences. They can be one straight shower glass panel to provide flat barrier for shower area. Angled or curved shower glass panel fit into corners or alcoves are also available.

1.1 Shower Glass Panels

1.1.1 Shower Glass Type

The shower glass panels for custom fixed shower screen can be manufactured based on the designed thickness and type. The common glass panel thickness typically ranges from 6mm to 12mm, with thicker options providing increased strength and durability. Common glass types include tempered glass and laminated glass. One is heat-treated for safety and shatter resistance and another is for strength and security.

MIGO suppliers many options such as clear shower glass, low iron shower glass, frosted shower glass, tinted shower glass, and patterned shower glass for fixed shower glass panels.  These shower glass can be tempered or laminated in our glass factory. Clear shower glass and patterned shower glass are most used.

fixed frame shower screen
fixed panel shower screen

1.1.2 Fixed Shower Screen size

Shower glass height and width measurements are essential for us to deeply process the shower glass. We manufacture shower glass panels with holes, and cutouts for a precise fit and optimal coverage.

1.2.3 Shower Screen Shape  

Straight shower glass panels are the most common option, but curved or angled designs are also possible. Customized glass shapes allow for unique and visually appealing shower screen configurations.

1.2 Shower Screen Frame or Hardware

The frame or hardware of a custom-fixed shower screen is generally made from aluminum and stainless steel. The choice of material depends on durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic preferences. Aluminum frames are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and available in different finishes, making them a popular choice. Stainless steel frames offer increased strength and durability.

Common shower glass frame or hardware finishes include chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, or other options. You can tell us your requirements when send us an inquiry.

2. Shower Screen Delivery

2.1 Design Consultation

Our shower glass expert is always ready to communicate with you for the specific requirements, preferences, and design vision for the custom fixed shower screen. We will work closely to guide the design process and ensure optimal results.

2.2 On-Demand Manufacturing

Using the drawings and specifications gathered during the design consultation, the shower glass panels and frame components put to into on-demand manufacturing. Skilled craftsmen use high-quality glass materials and advanced techniques to create the components with precision in detail.

2.3 Quality control of Fixed Shower Screen

We carry out online quality control to ensure that glass and hardware can meet the bulk order specifications.

2.4  Packaging and Delivery

The finished bath shower screen fixed panel is carefully packaged to ensure its safe transportation to the designated location. MIGO will coordinate with you to arrange the delivery of the custom fixed shower panel.

Fixed Shower Screen

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