Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are the popular and practical choice for shower enclosures with their space-saving design. Sliding glass shower doors typically consists of two or more glass panels, with one panel sliding behind the other. Instead of swinging open on hinges, sliding glass doors slide on a horizontal shower glass track system. This shower glass track system allows the glass panels to slide smoothly back and forth to create an entryway.

Shower sliding doors are ideal for bathrooms with limited space or bathtub combinations. Shower sliding glass doors mainly include double and single sliding shower door. Most common is fameless sliding shower door with premium shower glass. There are some framed sliding shower door designs.

MIGO offers turn key solution for sliding glass shower doors with its 19+ years of shower glass fabrication experiences.

sliding glass shower doors

Table of Contents

1. Design Considerations

Sliding shower doors are both functional and give overall aesthetic appeal for the bathroom. Followed are some important factors to design and implement the sliding glass shower doors.

1.1 Reliability and Cost Effectiveness. Select premium sliding shower door manufacturers or suppliers. MIGO Shower Glass is reputable for its reliability and quality craftsmanship.

Take into account the initial purchase cost, durability, and maintenance for the overall cost-effectiveness. Evaluate the warranty and after-sales service offered by the shower glass door manufacturer. You also can check the online reviews tevaluate the shower glass door brands.

1.2 Space Layout and Dimension. Carefully measure and plan the available space for the appropriate size and configuration of the sliding shower door.

Comprehensively consider the spatial placement of people, doors, belongings and installation and maintenance. Take into account the required space for the doors to slide smoothly.

sliding shower doors
frameless sliding shower doors

1.3 Glass Selection and Stylish Options. Choosing the shower glass types you prefer, such as clear, frosted, or patterned glass.

Taking into account safety, reliability,  privacy and natural light in the shower area. Explore decorative options like etched shower glass designs, screen printing glass to add a unique touch to the shower glass doors.

1.4 Track System Design. Select a reliable and durable track system that ensures smooth and effortless sliding.

Shower glass rail or track made of strong and corrosion resistant aluminum or stainless steel is the best choice. It should complement the overall design and aesthetics of the shower enclosure. Shower glass rail or track system can be easy maintenance and cleaning.

1.5 Seal and Waterproof. Proper sealing and waterproofing is important to prevent water leakage. Select high quality seals and sweeps that effectively keep water within the shower area

2. Main Components

Sliding glass shower doors mainly consists glass panels, shower glass rail and rollers, handles or knobs. They work together to ensure functionality and stability. High quality products and proper installation are important to achieve a reliable and antithetical shower enclosure.

2.1 Shower Glass Panels

Tempered glass is the primary component for sliding shower doors due to its strength and safety features. The clear, frosted or patterned shower glass are ideal for sliding shower glass doors. All of them should be tempered for application.
Shower glass has many thickness. Sliding door shower glass typically range from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch. Thicker glass offers more stability but may be heavier.

2.2 Shower Door Tracks and Rollers

The glass panels slide back and forth on horizontal shower glass channels or shower glass rails. High quality aluminum or stainless steel tracks and rails come in various lengths to accommodate different shower sizes.
Rollers and wheels provide support for glass panels, and to allow the shower glass panels to slide smoothly along the tracks.

2.3 Shower Glass Handles or Knobs

Shower glass handles or knobs provide a grip for opening and closing the sliding shower doors. Bar handles, ladder handles, or circular knobs made of different materials can be your options. Integrated towel bars is also the option to hang towels.

2.4 Seals and Sweeps

Installing seals along the edges of the glass panels creates a watertight seal when the doors are closed. Sweeps are flexible strips that create a seal between the glass and the shower floor. They guide water back into the shower area to minimize leaks.

3. Sliding Shower Door Features

Sliding shower door has many functional advantages such as space-saving, easy accessibility, aesthetics and openness. It is a very popular choice for many bathrooms.

3.1 Space Saving. Sliding glass shower runs along the shower glass track, occupies no space for door swing. It greatly save space compared to hinged shower doors. They slide along tracks, eliminating the need for clearance space for door swing.

3.2 Convenient Access and Operation. You can access the shower enclosure easily with custom sliding shower glass doors. The sliding design allows for quick entry and exit.

3.3 Aesthetics and Openness. Sliding shower doors offer a sleek and modern aesthetic to the bathroom. The simple design creates a sense of openness and allows natural light to flow through the enclosure.

3.4 Easy maintenance. Sliding shower doors also can create a seal with the surrounding components, making the bathroom easy to maintain and clean.

MIGO provides the one-stop solution for sliding shower glass doors with a variety of models to fit your demands.

sliding shower door track and rollers
framed sliding shower doors

4. How to Install Shower Sliding Glass Doors

Installation is important for the functionality, stability, and longevity of shower door.

Measurement and Preparation. Field measurement of the opening to determine the dimensions of the glass panels and tracks. Ensure that the walls and shower base are level and plumb.

Alignment and Leveling. Install the bottom track first, ensuring it is level and aligned with the shower opening.

Sliding Shower Glass Tracks and Rollers Installation. Attach the side shower glass tracks to the walls. Install the rollers onto the bottom of the glass panels. Place the glass panels onto the bottom shower glass track, ensure sliding smoothly and evenly.

Glass Panels and Components Instillation. Secure the glass panels in place by attaching them to the side tracks. Install the shower glass handles or knobs on the glass panels.

Sealant. Apply sealant along the edges of glass panels to create a watertight seal. Install the seals and sweeps along the edges and bottom of the glass to prevent water leakage.

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