Shower Glass Enclosures

Shower glass enclosures are the structural glass panels that surround and protect shower area from water splashing onto the rest of bathroom. All glass shower enclosures are available in designs such as pivot or fold open doors, glass panels, and glass sliding doors. Framed, semi-frameless, frameless shower glass enclosures are three main categories. As the shower glass manufacturer,  MIGO offers complete line of custom shower enclosures glass solution for personal preferences and bathroom layout. 

low iron frameless glass shower enclosures

Table of Contents

1. Main Advantages of Shower Glass Enclosures

Shower glass enclosures contain water within the shower area and enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. They create a functional and visually appealing shower space.

1.1 Water Containment. Glass walk in shower enclosures effectively contain water within the shower area. They can keep the rest of the bathroom dry and reduces the chances of slipping accidents.

1.2 Aesthetics. Glass shower enclosures provide a sleek and modern appearance for the shower room.

1.3 Openness. Glass panels create a transparent or semi-transparent barrier, providing privacy while allowing light to pass through.

1.4 Easy Maintenance. Glass surfaces are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

1.5 On demand manufacturing. MIGO provides on demand manufacturing for shower glass enclosures in various designs, sizes, and types of glass. We offer excellent shower glass solutions through our expertise and experiences.

patterned glass shower enclosure

2. Custom Specifications of Glass Shower Enclosures

2.1 Customized Shower Glass Panels

Custom shower glass panels are the key parts to fit specific dimensions and design preferences. When you place the bulk order, you should consider the following specifications such as glass thickness and glass types. The available shower glass thicknesses are 4mm to 12mm. 

Shower glass thickness can be customized based on the desired level of sturdiness, durability, and aesthetic appearance. Standard thickness to heavier, more robust glass panels are options. Tempered or laminated shower glass are important to ensure safety and resistance to breakage. Different glass thickness and type means different price.

Clear shower glass, low iron shower glass, frosted shower glass, tinted shower glass, and patterned shower glass, are the popular shower glass type options. Tempered shower glass or laminated shower glass can enhance safety and durability. Frosted Shower glass provides privacy while still allowing light transmission. Patterned shower glass adds visual interest and can obscure the view, and tinted shower glass offers a unique color or shade.

Custom shower glass enclosures should fit the available space in your bathroom project. Shower glass height and width can accommodate specific ceiling heights, wall dimensions, and layout requirements.

2.2 Shower Glass Door Types

Pivot, swinging and sliding shower doors are the common shower door types. Swinging the shower door opens inward or outward. Sliding shower door slides along shower door rail or track. The pivot door rotates on a central axis. 

The sourcing considerations include available space, design preferences, and functionality requirements. 

2.3 Custom Hardware and Accessories

Shower door hinges, shower glass handles or knobs and towel bars are the common hardware. They can add functionality and overall aesthetics to the glass shower enclosure. You can order them with requirements of quantity, style, finish, and material, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or brass. Accessories include seals and sweepers, etc.

semi-frame glass shower enclosure

3. Production and Delivery

MIGO specializes in shower glass enclosure production and delivery with 19+ years of industrial experience.  We offer a complete line of shower glass and hardware solutions to your demands.

3.1 Design Review and Consultation

We will carefully review all your order specifications before the shower glass enclosure components put into production. Design consultation with our shower glass specialist helps in understanding your requirements, discussing design options, and finalizing the specifications.

3.2 Close Collaboration

Collaborate with architects or interior designers to ensure the shower glass enclosure seamlessly integrates with the overall bathroom design. Sharing design plans, discussing requirements, and coordinating installation details will help achieve a cohesive and harmonious result.

3.3 Manufacturing Lead Time

Lead time for manufacturing may vary depending on the complexity and quantities. The general lead time is one to three months. 

MIGO is always working harder with you to finish the order in contract time.

3.4 Quality Control

Careful inspection to ensure the shower glass enclosure meets the desired standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

Proper installation is also important for the total glass shower enclosure quality and function.

3.5 Packaging and Shipping

All shower glass panels and associated hardware will be in perfect packaging to prevent damage during transportation. 

MIGO office is about three kilometers from the Qingdao port. Transportation, incident coordination and handling are timeless.

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