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Bathroom mirrors are essential galss solutions in bathrooms to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. MIGO Shower Glass is the professional bathroom mirror manufacturer and supplier,  we wholesale bathroom mirror at great factory price. MIGO Brand shower room mirrors vary in size compared to regular mirrors. All our showerroom mirrors are designed for the bathroom environment and are placed above sinks or vanities for easy access and visibility. Bathroom mirrors come in various sizes, shapes, and styles to accommodate different bathroom designs and personal preferences. Sink shapes are typically square or rectangular, so the bathroom mirrors follow the same shape, proportionally fitting above the sink. In today’s bathroom markets, bathroom mirrors with lights are stylish and become very popular. 

MIGO offers vanity mirrors for bathroom in various sizes, shapes, and designs to complement the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Wholesale Bathroom Mirrors

Table of Contents

1. Main Components of  Bathroom Mirror

1.1 Custom Mirror Glass

The mirror glass is the central component of a bathroom mirror. MIGO mirror glass is made of high-quality automotive grade float glass. It consists of mirror sensitized layer, mirror silver coating, an anti-oxidation protective layer, waterproof and waterproof protective paint, environmentally friendly waterproof protective paint layer.

MIGO custom mirror glass features clarity, durability, and resistance to fogging or tarnishing. Our mirror glass undergoes a precise manufacturing process in our own glass factory to ensure excellent optical properties. It can provide an extra clear and accurate reflection. It is not easy to oxidize to rust, and the image is clear and does not deform.

1.2 Bath Room Mirror Frame

Bathroom mirror frame is available in various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, offering a range of design options to match different bathroom aesthetics. MIGO custom bathroom mirror frame is often made of high-standard space-thickened aluminum. It is anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, strong and durable. They are available in black, white, brushed silver, and local gold for you to choose.

led bathroom mirrors
rectangular bathroom mirrors

1.3 Fixing Hardware

Fixing hardware is essential for securely installing the bathroom mirror. It generally includes anchors, brackets, or clips, and more. The mounting hardware ensures the mirror is firmly attached to the wall or other surfaces, providing stability and preventing accidents or damage.

2. Considerations for Custom Bathroom Mirrors

2.1 Bathroom Mirrors Sizes

MIGO custom bathroom mirrors offer the flexibility to your specific needs. The bathroom mirror can cut to size ensures an ideal fit and optimal functionality for the bathroom. MIGO Glass also offers popular custom glass corners for you. 

2.2 Mirror Shape for Bathroom

Our custom bathroom mirrors are available in various shapes, including rectangular, oval, round, or even unconventional shapes. The choice of shape depends on your order preferences and the desired aesthetic impact.  Compared with round bathroom mirrors, rectangular bathroom mirrors are most common to fit the bathroom style. You can refer to best-selling online brands such as Walmart bathroom mirrors, lowes bathroom mirrors, wayfair bathroom mirrors for your mirror shape.

2.3 Bathroom Mirrors Thickness

The mirror thickness is important for the practical and safety aspects. Thicker mirrors provide sturdiness and durability, while thinner mirrors can offer a more lightweight and minimalist appearance.

2.4 Mirror Edge Finish

Edge treatments add a finishing touch to custom bathroom mirrors. Polished edges provide a smooth and clean look, while beveled edges add a decorative element and create depth. MIGO Glass is the professional bathroom mirror manufacturer, we have the on demand manufacturing ability for you requirements. We offers cutom common shower glass edges such as Flat edge, Pencil edge, Bullnose edge, Ogee edge, and more.

2.5 Bath Room Mirror Frame Design

The frame design parameter offers the option to choose between a frameless mirror or one with a frame. Frameless bathroom mirrors provide a sleek and modern look, while framed bathroom mirrors can add a touch of elegance and style. The frame for bath room mirrors has options with different materials, finishes, and decorative elements to complement the overall bathroom style.

rectangular bathroom mirrors
bathroom mirrors with lights

2.6 Lighting Integration

Bathroom mirrors with lights and time display are common on the market today. The lighting integration allows for incorporating built-in lighting solutions into the mirror design. Bathroom mirrors with led lights and lighted vanity mirrors for bathroom are your choice in the competitive market.

3. On-demand Manufacturing of Bathroom Mirrors

3.1 Custom Manufacturing

The manufacturing process for custom bathroom mirrors involves precision cutting and polishing of high-quality mirror glass.  MIGO skilled craftsmen utilize advanced machinery and techniques to ensure the bathroom mirrors meet strict quality standard.

3.2 Quality Control

 Each custom bathroom mirror should perform strict checks to ensure the glass has excellent clarity and reflection. Our bath room mirrors meet industry standards.

3.3 Packaging & Delivery 

Custom bathroom mirrors are carefully packaged to ensure their safe transportation and delivery. MIGO Glass selects protective materials to prevent any potential damage. We carry our packaging in wooden boxes for handling and transportation.

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