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  • Best frosted shower glass certificated with CE and SGCC
  • Tempered or laminated shower glass is optional
  • Providing flat or pencil edge,  hole drilling, cutouts, pattern printing, etc
  • Custom shower glass harware and accessories
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ≥1000 kg, order cycle is 60~85 days
  • Sample order is 10~20 days
  • OEM/ODM is available


MIGO acid frosted shower glass is the chemically frosted glass for bathroom application scenarios. We focus on manufacturing and wholesaling the finest quality frosted shower glass for global famous brands.

Acid-etched shower glass applies the acid-etched process by applying hydrofluoric acid to the surface of regular glass. Its surface presents a fine and uniform frosted effect. This acid-etched frosted glass has a translucent or nearly opaque, frost-like appearance.

Compared with sandblasting, it is flexible to make the whole glass plate or certain areas frosted and leave others transparent. It is possible to make it anywhere from 10% to 100% opaque.

MIGO’s special acid-etched processing technology ensures the frosted glass surface is extremely smooth. It produces a hazy effect due to scattering caused by crystallization. The special treatment makes the glass opaque while allowing some light to naturally pass through. It enhances the beauty of the glass and allows for appropriate publicity while protecting privacy.

The etched frosted glass has a popular application for shower doors and shower enclosures, etc.

Specifications of MIGO Acid Frosted Shower Glass

1Processing TechnologyAcid Etched 
2ThicknessAvailable in 1/4‘’, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”Can be customized
3Standard Height and Width28″×79″ ,  35″×79″ ,  56″x74″,  60″x74″Can be customized
4Custom Edge ShapesStraight edge, Round edge and Duckbill edge 
5Custom AnglesRight angle, Safety corner and fillet 
6PackageSafety Plywood Packages 


MIGO Acid Etched Shower Glass Features

  • High degree privacy. MIGO acid-etched frosted shower glass has an opaque surface, providing a high degree of privacy protection. The special treatment ensures you enjoy privacy and comfort while showering.
  • Soft light. Acid-etched frosted glass, while opaque, still allows part of the light to pass through. It can create a soft and warm shower environment and provide a comfortable lighting effect.
  • Waterproof and mildew-proof. Acid-etched frosted shower glass has excellent waterproof performance. It can effectively prevent water stains and mold growth, and keep the shower room hygienic and clean.
  • High-quality manufacturing. Acid-etched frosted shower glass should pass through strict quality control. MIGO lean manufacturing processes can ensure excellent product quality and high reliability to meet customer demand for high-quality products.
  • One-stop solution. MIGO experts not only provide you with qualified shower glass but also provide you with shower glass hardware supporting solutions. We support you from the planning of your bathroom project to the procurement of suitable spare parts. MIGO stands behind you for sustainability and the best service.


Manufacturing and Processing Steps

  • Raw material selection. MIGO manufactures automobile-grade shower glass in own glass factory. We select high-standard and high-quality flat glass as the raw material to ensure excellent aesthetics, uniform thickness and durability.
  • Cleaning and drying. First, clean the flat glass used to produce frosted glass with water to remove dust and stains, and then dry it.
  • Hoisting. Put the cleaned and dried flat glass into the hanging frame. The hanging frame with toothed rubber brackets is in contact with the glass. The glass discharges vertically with a certain distance between the glass and the glass.
  • Corrosion. The technicians use a crane to lift the flat glass together into the corrosion box. The chemical corrosive liquid immerses the glass. The corrosion time is often 5-10 minutes. The remaining liquid should drain off.
  • Softening. After draining off the residual liquid, a layer of residue attaches to the frosted glass. Use conventional softening liquid to immerse the glass. The softening time is often 1-2 minutes.
  • Cleaning. Due to corrosion and softening, the etched frosted shower glass body contains many chemical substances. Put the acid-etched frosted glass on the slide of the washing machine. The washing machine sprays clean water on one side and rotates the brush to finish the cleaning process.
  • Drying. Put the cleaned frosted shower glass into the drying room. It will become single-sided or double-sided acid-etched frosted shower glass.
  • Glass Edge. MIGO skilled technicians can process and polish flat edges and pencil edges for our frosted shower glass.
  • Glass Hole. MIGO craftsmen use an automatic punching machine to drill holes in frosted shower glass. The hole position and accurate size are in control precision.


Acid-Etched Frosted Shower Glass Applications

MIGO brand acid-etched frosted shower glass is widely used for shower doors or enclosures in homes, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings. Our custom shower glass is a hot sale in America and European countries.

About MIGO Glass

As the leading shower glass manufacturer and supplier, MIGO Shower Glass delivers complete line of excellent quality products and solutions for shower room. We also wholesale a wide range of shower glass hardware and accessories.

If you have any problems or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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