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  • Premium 304 stainless steel, strong bearing capacity
  • Anti-loosening hexagon socket fixing screws
  • Smooth bearing, two-way opening, small resistance
  • Fine polishing process, beautiful, anti-oxidation
  • PVC glass isolation buffer
  • Multiple angles including 90°, 135°, 180°
  • Extra large load-bearing capacity
  • OEM/ODM available
  • Custom logos available


We wholesale shower glass hinges at competitive factory price. The shower glass hinges are made with premium quality 304 thick precision cast stainless steel to provide unparalleled performance, combining strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal for your shower enclosure.

MIGO shower glass hinges have a strong bearing capacity, ensuring stability and safety. Made from waterproof and rust-free materials, these hinges maintain their beautiful appearance while resisting deformation. The anti-loosening hexagon socket fixing screws are specifically designed to prevent the glass from falling off or sagging, offering enhanced safety and peace of mind.

With smooth bearing and two-way opening capabilities, our shower door hinges offer minimal resistance and a strong reset mechanism. This allows for effortless and smooth operation, enhancing the overall shower experience. The fine polishing process applied to our wholesale shower glass hinges results in a beautiful finish. The glass shower door hinges are waterproof, anti-oxidation, and rust-resistant. These features ensure a long-lasting and attractive appearance, even in wet environments.

MIGO shower glass hinges have PVC glass isolation buffer pads. They can prevent direct contact between the glass and the metal hinge to provide an additional layer of protection for your glass. The solid and thickened sheet used in our hinges is carefully cast, ensuring smooth edges and corners. This construction makes our hinges resistant to pressure and prevents them from falling off, guaranteeing long-term reliability.

Our Shower Glass Hinges are available in various angles, including 90°, 135°, 180° to suit your specific shower enclosure requirements. With an extra-large load-bearing capacity of up to 65KG per pair, our hinges are engineered to handle heavy glass doors with ease, ensuring stability and durability.

MIGO Shower Glass is committed to providing tailored shower glass hardware solutions including premium shower glass hinges to meet your individual requirements. We also offer OEM/ODM services, allowing for customization of our hinges to meet your specific needs.

Wholesale Shower Glass Hinges Features

Whoelsale shower glass hinges are the commonly used shower glass harware for glass shower doors. Followed are the typical features.

  • Premium quality, 304 thick precision cast stainless steel, strong bearing capacity, waterproof and rust-free, beautiful and not easy to deform.
  • Anti-loosening hexagon socket fixing screws prevent the glass from falling off and sagging, greatly ensuring safety.
  • Smooth bearing, two-way opening, small resistance, strong reset.
  • Fine polishing process, beautiful, waterproof, anti-oxidation and no rust.
  • PVC glass isolation buffer pad prevents contact between glass and metal, providing effective protection for glass.
  • Solid and thickened sheet are carefully cast, with smooth edges and corners, resistant to pressure and falling off.
  • A variety of angles are available, including 90°, 135°, 180°, etc.
  • Extra large load-bearing capacity, 65KG/pair
  • OEM/ODM available.
  • Custom logos available.

About MIGO Glass

As the leading shower glass manufacturer and supplier, MIGO Shower Glass delivers complete line of excellent quality products and solutions for shower room. We also wholesale a wide range of shower glass hardware and accessories.

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