Top 4 Trends in Shower Glass

When you explore the shower glass for the bathroom, you will face some problems such as what are the latest trends in shower glass? What type of glass is best for showers? MIGO shower glass is a professional shower glass manufacturer and supplier with more than 19 years of industrial experiences. We offer on-demand shower glass manufacturing and deep processing for global brands. Let’s explore the top 4 trends in shower glass.  

1. Introduction

The continuous growth of the shower glass market can be predominantly attributed to the escalating rate of urbanization. The rapid urbanization observed in diverse regions has led to a surge in construction activities, particularly in residential and commercial sectors. With urban areas continually expanding, there is an increasing demand for contemporary and stylish bathroom fixtures, notably shower glass.

Urbanization introduces a shift in design preferences, focusing on modern aesthetics and luxurious living spaces. Shower glass, renowned for its sleek and elegant appearance, seamlessly aligns with these design trends, making it a highly sought-after choice among urban homeowners and developers. The transparency and light-enhancing characteristics of shower glass also contribute to creating a spacious and open ambiance in bathrooms, which is particularly desirable in urban settings where space may be limited.

According to a research report titled “North America Shower Enclosure Glass Door Market Research Report” released by Report linker, the shower glass door market valuation will reach US$7.1517 billion by 2030. It can be seen that the shower glass door market has broad prospects and strong market demand. It analyzed the development process of shower glass in the North American market in the past 20 years. Data such as consumer preferences, glass types, and purchasing demand for next year were analyzed. On this basis, forecasts and explanations of trends in shower glass are made.

Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze and summarize the development process of shower glass and predict future development trends to seize the opportunity in the shower glass market.

What are the Latest Trends in Shower Glass

2 What Are the Top 4 Trends in Shower Glass?

2.1 Privacy and Aesthetics Coexist for Shower Glass

Patterned shower glass is optically transparent and opaque, can soften the light, and has a privacy shielding effect and a certain decorative effect. The unique decorative properties and better privacy performance of patterned glass further meet the needs of consumers.

Tinted shower glass is visually appealing and adds comfort to your everyday shower. MIGO custom tinted shower glass includes bronze tinted shower glass, blue tinted shower glass, black Tinted shower glass and grey tinted shower glass, they are the best choice for those who prefer a less conservative, and more sleek. 

The Nordic minimalist style decoration design concept is also vividly reflected in the shower glass. The application from normal clear float glass to ultra-clear glass is an upgrade of shower glass. MIGO low iron shower glass with a fluted pattern is produced through a mature rolling process. When the glass is still in the shaping stage, it is rolled with an embossing roller.

Some other shower glass suppliers produce fluted glass, sometimes the patterns are unclear and the glass is deformed. However, MIGO considered the thickness of the shower glass sheet, the temperature during embossing, and the selection of embossing rollers in processing. Therefore, a shower glass that has a certain degree of strength, good light transmittance, and is not easy to crack or be damaged or deformed is produced.

MIGO low iron fluted glass
MIGO Low Iron Fluted Glass

2.2  Grid Shower Glass Style

Some shower glass companies in the United States, such as HMI, Basco, and FAB, are all mentioned in the Grid series product introduction. Grid is known as a representative of classic retro style, and its shower glass door series meets the latest aesthetic trends. This vertical grid series is used in shower screens and shower doors.

MIGO shower glass factory makes molds based on the gaps in the grid, and then prints the pattern on the glass surface through silk screen technology. As the American FAB Glass and Mirror company says, “Choose to print your grids on the outer surface of the shower door for a textured look or keep them glossy by printing on the inside shower glass surface.” During the tempering process, the wire mesh The printed pattern blends into the glass. Therefore, the grid pattern is more durable. The grid shower glass is one of the latest trends in shower glass.

MIGO manufactures 3/8″ and 1/2″mm thickness grid shower glass, with the most common color being matte black, the color can be customized according to needs.

MIGO Grid Shower Glass
MIGO Grid Shower Glass

2.3 Self-Cleaning Technology for Shower Glass

As the shower glass and shower enclosure industry continues to develop, standards and technologies within the industry are also constantly improving. “Easy to clean” technology has quickly become the trend and standard in the shower room industry. Its biggest features are non-staining, easy to clean, anti-yellowing, green and environmentally friendly, etc. It solves the problem that shower enclosures in the past were easy to stain and difficult to clean, glass turns yellow and other problems.

Easy-clean technology first originated in the German military field. MIGO self-cleaning shower glass is a kind of super hydrophilic nano self-cleaning glass. After the shower glass production is completed, the machine evenly applies self-cleaning fluid on the glass surface. This kind of self-cleaning shower glass has a super-hydrophilic surface when it comes in contact with water. It can easily lift dust and other dirt on the glass surface and take it away, eliminating the trouble of manual cleaning.

The application of MIGO self-cleaning technology on shower glass embodies green environmental protection, health and safety, and achieves a combination of functionality, usability and value.

MIGO Self-cleaning Technology on Shower Glass
MIGO Self-cleaning Technology on Shower Glass

2.4 Digital Printing Technology for Shower Glass

As the shower room DIY concept becomes more and more widely used in the field of home decoration in developed countries, it is becoming more and more popular to design shower glass according to consumer preferences, and the combination of glass and digital printing technology came into being. The American shower door HMI brand has reached a cooperation with a team of designers, using digital printing technology to print customers’ favorite patterns on the surface of the shower door, meeting the customer’s customized and personalized needs.

Currently, there are relatively few shower doors of this type, and brand companies that focus on originality and design concepts pay more attention to such products, but they may have a certain degree of popularity in the future.

3. Summary

In this article, we explained the top 4 trends in shower glass. Low iron fluted glass provides both privacy and aesthetics. Innovative grid shower glass represents the retro style. Self-cleaning technology for shower glass embodies green environmental protection, health and safety. Digital printing technology makes shower glass meet personalized needs greatly. MOGO strives to follow the latest trends in shower glass and offers high-quality shower glass products and solutions for worldwide customers.

Any questions or inquiries, please contact us.

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