Frosted Shower Glass vs Clear Shower Glass, Which One is Better?

Frosted shower glass and clear shower glass are the common types of shower glass to make shower doors or shower enclosures. MIGO Glass is the leading shower glass manufacturer and supplier, we wholesale a complete line of shower glass for worldwide customers. Our custom frosted shower glass and clear shower glass are hot sale in American market.

Frosted shower glass can be etched, sandblasted or acid-etched glass which are very functional and can be easier to maintain than clear glass. Clear shower glass can make a bathroom space look larger, allowing more light to flow throughout the space which can make a bathroom brighter and feel more open. Frosted shower glass vs clear shower glass, which one is better for your bathroom design? How to select the right shower glass between clear and frosted shower glass?

The choice between frosted and clear shower glass largely depends on personal preference and the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom. Both types have their own advantages and considerations. From a shower glass manufacturer’s view, frosted shower glass is considered a better option as compared to clear glass for its added privacy and aesthetic benefits. Let’s explore the similarities and differences between clear shower glass vs frosted shower glass to help you choose the perfect shower glass for your bathroom.

1. What Is Frosted Shower Glass?

Frosted shower glass, also known as frosted glass or opaque glass, is a type of glass that has been treated to create a rough and opaque surface. Unlike clear shower glass, frosted glass does not allow for a clear view through it. Instead, it diffuses light, providing privacy while still allowing some light to pass through.

The rough surface of frosted shower glass scatters and diffuses light, creating a hazy or blurred effect. This opacity prevents direct visibility, making it an ideal choice for areas where privacy is desired, such as bathroom shower enclosures, office partitions, and toilet windows. Frosted glass can also be used for decorative purposes, such as glass ceilings, as it adds a touch of elegance and diffuses light in a soft and gentle manner.

Frosted shower glass has its ability to provide privacy. It obscures the view, making it difficult for people outside the shower enclosure to see inside. This is particularly beneficial in shared or public spaces where multiple individuals may be using the same bathroom facility.

Frosted shower glass is relatively easy to clean. The rough surface helps to mask fingerprints, water spots, and other smudges, making them less noticeable compared to clear glass. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth or sponge is usually sufficient to maintain its appearance.

2. What Is Clear Shower Glass?

Clear shower glass is exactly what the name suggests. It is a type of shower glass that appears transparent. Its characteristics of clear shower glass are as follows:

Clear shower glass is a type of glass used in shower enclosures or partitions that offers a clear and unobstructed view. It is designed to be transparent, without any color or patterns, allowing light to pass through and creating a sense of openness in the bathroom.

Clear shower glass is typically made from tempered or safety glass, which is processed to increase its strength and durability. This ensures that the glass is resistant to breakage and provides a safe showering environment. The glass surface is smooth and free from particles, creating a sleek and clean appearance.

Clear shower glass is versatile in home decoration. It can complement various styles and aesthetics, whether modern, contemporary, or traditional. The transparent nature of the glass allows it to blend seamlessly with the overall design of the bathroom, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

From a manufacturing perspective, clear shower glass is relatively straightforward to produce. This makes it a cost-effective option compared to glass with intricate patterns or colors. The simplicity of its design and manufacturing process contributes to its affordability.

Clear shower glass is not limited to residential use only. It is also commonly found in hotels, resorts, and other commercial spaces where a spacious and open feel is desired. The transparency of the glass creates an illusion of a larger space, making it an ideal choice for shower areas in these settings.

Eched Frosted Shower Glass
Eched Frosted Shower Glass

3. What Are Similarities Between Frosted Shower Glass vs Clear Shower Glass?

3.1 Similar Dry and Wet Separation

Whether it is clear shower glass or frosted shower glass, both create a separate shower space, further optimizing and utilizing the space, serving the function of dry and wet separation, and satisfying consumers’ healthier and greener life concepts.

3.2 Similar Safety, Strength and Surability 

Safety, strength and durability are important concerns for shower rooms. MIGO frosted shower glass and clear shower glass have been tempered in a continuous high-temperature tempering furnace, so they both have good strength and impact resistance. It successfully passed the impact resistance test before leaving the factory and complies with the EN12600 standard.

Frosted shower glass and clear shower glass by MIGO Glass are all tempered shower glass, they give the same safety, strength and durability properties, and both are strong enough for a shower room. Our frosted shower glass and clear shower glass have an impact strength of 3-5 times that of ordinary glass and a bending strength of 2-3 times that of ordinary glass. It also has high durable static pressure strength and a surface stress of up to 90Mpa or more. In addition, the thermal stability is 1.5-2 times higher than that of ordinary glass. The temperature mutation range that tempered glass can withstand is 250-320 degrees, while ordinary glass is only 70-80 degrees. Safety, and strength, these good properties make the shower glass last longer.

Clear Tempered Glass Shower Door
Clear Tempered Glass Shower Door

4. What is the Difference Between Frosted Shower Glass vs Clear Shower Glass?

4.1 Different Color Options of Frosted Shower Glass vs Clear Shower Glass 

Clear shower glass is colorless and transparent. After the surface of frosted shower glass is processed, its surface looks more blurry, grainy, and the color appears thicker. The difference of frosted shower glass vs clear shower glass  in appearance gives them completely different visual effects. Transparent shower glass will make the small shower space look more open and full of space and create a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. However, frosted shower glass may make a small bathroom appear even smaller, as it can create visual barriers and reduce the sense of openness. This is also the purpose of many hotels choosing transparent shower glass.

4.2 Different Transparency of Frosted vs Clear Glass

Since the surfaces of frosted shower glass vs clear shower glass and are different, the light transmittance of the two is also different. Clear shower glass offers a transparent view of the shower area, allowing natural light to flow through. And the frosted glass is treated with acid or sandblasted to create a textured surface that diffuses light and obscures visibility. The clear shower glass can better let light pass through, making the shower area brighter, while frosted shower glass will reduce light transmittance, making the shower area relatively dark.

4.3 Diffrent Price

The cost of frosted glass vs clear glass can depend on various factors, including the type of glass, the manufacturing process, and the supplier. In general, frosted glass may be more expensive than clear glass due to the additional processes involved in creating the frosted or opaque appearance.

Frosted glass manufacturing involves techniques like sandblasting, acid etching, or applying a frosted film. These processes require extra materials, labor, and expertise, increasing the overall cost compared to clear glass. Clear glass, on the other hand, is typically the standard and simpler option, which may result in lower production costs. However, it’s important to consider that the actual cost difference can vary depending on factors such as glass thickness, panel size, and supplier pricing structures.

4.4 Different Cleaning Cost

Clear shower glass is easy to clean and maintain, as it does not have any textured surfaces that can trap dirt or grime. Regular cleaning with a glass cleaner is usually sufficient to keep the clear glass looking sparkling and new. However, due to the transparent surface of transparent shower glass, dirt and water stains are more obvious on the glass surface. Frosted glass has a textured surface that helps to conceal any water spots or streaks that may occur over time, making it a low-maintenance option for busy households. Low-maintenance option for busy households. But because of its uneven surface, it is relatively difficult to clean.

If you are currently having trouble cleaning your shower door, then I am happy to tell you that MIGO Glass has a new solution for you. In 2022 we launched MIGO self-cleaning bathroom glass. We use Enduroshield, an internationally renowned brand of self-cleaning fluid, and use a machine to evenly apply the self-cleaning fluid on the glass surface to inhibit bacteria, remove water stains and dirt, and solve cleaning troubles for consumers. This technology has been maturely tested internally at MIGO Glass and has been applied to the surface of shower glass, winning unanimous praise from customers in the North American market.

4.5 Different Application Scenarios

Frosted shower glass is a great option for those who prefer a more private shower space. It protects people’s privacy more. This is a popular choice for use in homes or other private residences.

For some hotels, they prefer to choose clear shower glass. Because clear shower glass will create a wider bathroom space. In addition, the sense of light in the room is enhanced.

4.6 Different Manufacture Process

Clear shower glass is known for its transparency and sleek appearance. It is manufactured using a technique called the float glass process. In this process, a mixture of high-quality raw materials, including silica sand, limestone, soda ash, and dolomite, is melted in a furnace at extremely high temperatures. The molten glass is then poured onto a bed of molten tin, which acts as a perfectly flat surface. As the glass floats on top of the tin, it spreads out evenly, forming a smooth and uniform sheet. The sheet is then cooled gradually to ensure its strength and durability.

Once the clear shower glass sheet is ready, it undergoes a series of cutting, grinding, and polishing processes to achieve the desired size and shape for shower enclosures. These processes are carried out using state-of-the-art machinery and tools, operated by skilled technicians. The edges of the glass are carefully polished to ensure safety and prevent any sharp edges.

Frosted shower glass, on the other hand, undergoes an additional step to achieve its distinctive appearance. After the clear float glass sheet is cut to size, it is subjected to a process called acid etching. In this process, a layer of hydrofluoric acid or a similar chemical is applied to the surface of the glass. The acid reacts with the glass, creating a frosted effect by etching away the top layer of the glass. The longer the acid is left on the glass, the more pronounced the frosted effect becomes. However, the acid etching process is not environmentally friendly enough. Currently, most companies use silk screen technology to mass-produce frosted glass, which is more environmentally friendly.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of frosted shower glass, various patterns and designs can be applied during the acid etching process. These patterns can range from simple lines and shapes to intricate motifs and textures. The design possibilities are virtually endless, allowing homeowners and designers to create unique and personalized shower enclosures.

Frosted Glass with Obscure Effect
Frosted Glass with Obscure Effect
Clear Glass with Good Transparency
Clear Glass with Good Transparency

5. How To Choose Right Types of Shower Glass, Frosted Shower Glass vs Clear?

When it comes to choosing the right shower glass for your bathroom, you may find yourself faced with a decision between clear glass and frosted glass. Is Frosted Glass Better Than Clear? Both options have their own unique benefits and aesthetic appeal, but understanding the differences between them can help you make an informed decision.

As a specialist in shower glass manufacturing, MIGO Glass comprehends customer needs and offers comprehensive turnkey shower glass solutions. This has always been our commitment to customer service. In this article, we will explore the features of frosted shower glass and clear shower glass, along with their respective pros and cons.

As the concept of “wet and dry separation” becomes more and more popular, shower rooms are becoming more and more important in home decoration. To meet the practical functions and basic aesthetic functions, the types of shower glass are very important. To help customers solve this problem, MIGO Glass first explains what type of glass is best for showers. And how to choose the best shower glass?

5.1 Shower Glass Appearance

Consider that the appearance of the glass should be consistent with the decorating style. If the decoration style is simple, it is not recommended that the color and pattern of shower glass be complicated, as this will make the whole look uncoordinated.

5.2 Indoor Light

When choosing shower glass, you should consider the light in the shower room, especially some shower glass produced through the calendering process. The light will be refracted on the glass surface. Too strong light can cause dizziness.

5.3 Cleaning Costs

Clear shower glass and ultra-clear shower glass, when left uncleaned for an extended period, are prone to the accumulation of dirt and water stains, which become highly visible on the glass surface. Neglecting regular cleaning can result in a noticeable buildup of grime, making the glass appear dull and unattractive. To maintain the pristine appearance of clear or ultra-clear shower glass, it is essential to establish a consistent cleaning routine using suitable glass cleaners or natural alternatives. Regular cleaning will help prevent the buildup of dirt and water stains, ensuring that the glass retains its transparency and enhances the overall aesthetic of the shower space.

5.4 Budget costs

The price of shower glass generally increases with the complexity of its processing and production technology. However, when comparing frosted glass to clear glass, it’s important to note that the strength of the glass is not determined by its frosting. The strength of glass primarily depends on factors such as its thickness and the type of glass used, such as tempered or laminated glass. Frosted shower glass undergoes a sandblasting or acid etching process to create its textured appearance, but this process does not inherently affect its strength. Therefore, when considering the strength of glass, it is crucial to focus on factors like thickness and shower glass type rather than the presence of frosting.

Frosted Etched Glass Processing
Frosted Etched Glass Processing

6. Conclusion

Frosted shower glass and clear shower glass are both popular shower glass options. This article explored the differences in manufacturing processes, appearance, suitable scenarios, and the respective pros and cons of these options. Ultimately, the decision is yours, enabling you to select the one that best aligns with your preferences and desired performance characteristics.

Your decision between frosted and clear shower glass comes down to personal preference, the overall design of your bathroom, and practical considerations related to privacy and maintenance. Some customers choose partially frosted shower glass or incorporate patterns for added visual interest.

For over 20 years, MIGO Shower Glass has been driven by the goal and purpose of delivering top-quality shower glass to worldwide customers, serving as our enduring motivation. Any questions or inquiries, please contact MIGO Glass.

Thank you for reading.

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