Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Reeded Shower Glass

Reeded shower glass, also referred to as patterned glass, adds an elegant touch to both interior and exterior bathroom designs. With unique patterns and textures, it can be used for privacy or as a decorative element in various applications. Common uses include cabinet glass inserts, doors, shower enclosures, railings, partitions, glass furniture, privacy windows, and accent windows. Reeded shower glass can be fabricated into safety glass forms like insulated units, tempered glass, and laminated glass. Our glass products are available in sheets or custom-cut sizes. The popularity of decorative pattern glass is growing in homes, and our knowledgeable glass representatives can guide you on incorporating pattern glass into your design project.

MIGO Glass is the leading OEM/ODM shower glass manufacturer and supplier, we offer best reeded shower glass panel with custom size and specifications to make reeded glass shower screen, reeded shower screen, door, enclosure at factory price.

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1. What Is Reeded Shower Glass?

Reeded shower glass, also known as fluted shower glass or patterned shower glass, is a unique type of glass that adds texture and patterns to its surface through a combination of pressure and heat treatment. The process involves pouring molten glass into a specialized mold and applying pressure to create the desired textures and patterns.

Reeded glass finds wide applications in various fields such as interior decoration, furniture, doors, windows, partitions, and more. Its purpose is to enhance the beauty and artistry of a space. The distinctive textures and patterns created by reeded shower glass not only serve a decorative function but also offer practical benefits.

Reeded shower glass has its ability to provide a certain degree of privacy and shading. The textured surface of the glass obscures the view, making it ideal for areas where privacy is desired, such as shower enclosures or partitions.

In addition to its privacy features, reeded shower glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. The patterns and textures create visual interest and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Whether used in residential or commercial applications, reeded shower glass is a versatile choice that combines both decorative and functional elements. It allows for the enhancement of interior design while offering privacy and a unique visual experience.

reeded glass shower screen for sale

2. What Are Different Types of Reeded Shower Glass?

2.1 Clear Reeded Shower Glass

Clear reeded shower glass is a decorative glass known for its clarity and transparency. It is a high-quality glass that is often used in a variety of applications, including windows, shower enclosures, and glass furniture. Clear reeded shower glassis made using a special manufacturing process that ensures minimal distortion and imperfections, resulting in a clear and pristine appearance. It is also known for its durability, resistance to scratches and damage.

2.2 Ultra Clear Reeded Shower Glass

Ultra reeded shower glass, also called Low-Iron Moru Glass, is an enhanced version of Clear reeded shower glass that provides a higher level of clarity and transparency. It is produced using advanced manufacturing techniques that reduce the presence of iron impurities and color, making the glass virtually colorless and highly transparent. Ultra Clear reeded shower glassis commonly used in applications requiring maximum clarity, such as high-end architectural curtain wall projects, display cases, aquariums and specialty glass products. It delivers superior visual quality for true color performance and optimal light transmission.

2.3 Colored Seeded Shower Glass

Colored reeded shower glassis glass infused with pigments or dyes to achieve a specific color. It is made by adding metal oxides or other colorants during the glass manufacturing process. Mixing pigments or dyes with molten glass to form a uniformly colored glass product.

Colored reeded shower glassis available in a variety of vibrant and attractive colors for creative and decorative applications. It is commonly used in architectural projects, interior design, art installations, and a variety of other applications where color and visual interest need to be added. Colored reeded shower glasscomes in a wide range of color options, from subtle pastels to bold, intense hues.

2.3.1 Bronze Reeded Shower Glass

Bronze reeded shower glass is a glass that has a bronze or brown tint. It is often used in architectural applications such as windows, doors and facades to provide unique aesthetic appeal. The bronze color of the glass is achieved by adding small amounts of iron or copper during the manufacturing process. This gives the glass a warm and earthy warm tone that can enhance the overall design of the building. Bronze reeded shower glassalso provides privacy by reducing the amount of visible light transmitted, making it suitable for areas where privacy is required, such as showers, conference rooms, and more.

2.3.2 Grey Reeded Glass

Grey reeded shower glassis a gray glass. Known for its unique appearance, it is often used in architectural applications such as framed windows, shower doors and partitions. The gray color of the glass adds a modern and sophisticated feel to any space. Gray reeded shower glassis also known for its high transparency, allowing natural light to shine through while still providing privacy. It is a popular choice in contemporary design and is often used to create a stylish and elegant aesthetic.

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3. How To Choose Best Reeded Glass?

When choosing the right reeded shower glass at MIGO, there are several factors to consider:
First, determine the purpose of the glass, whether it is for furniture decoration, indoor partitions, shower rooms, or doors and windows. Secondly, you need to consider how thick reeded shower glassis needed for furniture decoration, and what color is it? Do you need Clear reeded shower glassor Ultra reeded shower glassfor interior partitions? When making Moru shower glass, do you need a single piece of reeded shower glassScreen or a complete set of reeded shower glassDoor? When making reeded shower glassdoors and windows, do you need tempering? Finally, you can choose the right reeded shower glassafter considering the actual situation.

3.1 Furniture Decoration Reeded Shower Glass

3.1.1 Specifications (Thickness, Size)

Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm;

The thickness requirement is 5-6 mm, and all reeded shower glasscan be selected. More than 6 mm, it is recommended to choose Clear reeded shower glass or Ultra Clear Moru Glass.

Size: Customized according to needs.

3.1.2 Color (Clear, Ultra Clear, Colored)

When choosing the color of Moru Glass, you need to consider factors such as the style and decoration of the room, light transmittance, privacy, and personal preferences. Based on these factors, choose a color that suits you.

3.2 Interior partitions Moru Glass

3.2.1 Clear Reeded Shower Glass

Clear reeded shower glassis a regular white glass suitable for most common construction and home decoration projects. It has good light transmittance and durability, and the price is relatively low.

3.2.2 Ultra Clear Moru Glass

Ultra Clear reeded shower glassis a highly transparent glass with higher light transmittance and lower iron content, making it appear clearer and transparent. However, the price of ultra-white reeded shower glass is relatively high.

Best Reeded Shower Glass

3.3 Shower Room Reeded Glass

3.3.1 Reeded Shower Screen

Reeded shower glassScreens have excellent transparency and can provide clear visual effects, making the bathroom space brighter and more open. It can also effectively block the penetration of water vapor and water droplets, keeping the bathroom dry and clean. It is also a fully functional, beautiful and practical bathroom partition product that can provide a comfortable, safe and private bathroom environment.

3.3.2 reeded shower glassShower Door Framed Reeded Glass

Framed Reeded Shower Glass is a structurally sound shower glass option that can be designed in a variety of ways, is waterproof and leak-proof, safe and easy to clean. It provides a comfortable, safe and beautiful shower experience. Frameless Reeded Glass

Frameless Reeded Shower Glass is a shower glass option that is simple and beautiful, easy to install and clean, highly transparent and safe. Not only does it provide you with a comfortable, safe and modern shower experience. It can also bring a more open and transparent feeling to the bathroom, increasing the visual effect of the space.

3.4 Reeded Dhower Glass Doors and Windows

3.4.1 Reeded Shower Glass

Ordinary reeded shower glassis made by heating glass material to a softened state and then cooling it. This kind of glass has not been specially treated, so it is relatively fragile and breaks easily, and may produce sharp shards when broken. It is suitable for some lighter applications such as home decoration, interior partitions, furniture surfaces, etc.

3.4.2 Tempered Reeded Shower Glass

Tempered reeded shower glassis made by heating the glass material to a high temperature and then cooling it quickly. This process creates compressive stress on the surface of the glass, which increases its strength and impact resistance, resulting in small, safe fragments even when broken. It is often used in applications that require greater safety and durability, such as shower enclosures, doors and windows, glass walls, etc.

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4. Conclusion

To sum up, if you want to choose the right reeded glass:

Depending on the use of Moru Glass, different types of reeded shower glasshave specific uses. When making furniture, shower rooms, doors, windows, partitions, etc., you should choose different Moru Glass

Consider the color. reeded shower glasscomes in a variety of colors, including clear, ultra-clear, gray, bronze, etc. Depending on the color scheme and design of your space, choose a reeded shower glasscolor that complements the overall aesthetic

Consider the size and choose the appropriate size based on your needs and usage scenarios. Make sure the glass you purchase will suit your decor or usage needs. reeded shower glassthickness is also a consideration, some structural or safety requirements may require thicker Moru glass.

Use it safely, pay attention to safety when using Moru glass. Avoid placing glass on fragile or unstable surfaces to avoid accidents. If necessary, reeded shower glasscan be tempered before use.

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