Top 5 Types of Shower Glass

1. Introduction of Type of Shower Glass

Choosing the right type of shower glass is one of the primary and most important considerations when designing or renovating your bathroom. Glass strength, safety, overall beauty, functionality and privacy are very important considerations for shower glass. There are many choices of shower glass, the top 5 types of shower glass discussed below are the most common and most hot sale on the market.

MIGO is the leading shower glass manufacturer and wholesaler with 19+ years industrial experiences from China. At MIGO shower glass, our shower glass expert deelply understand the shower glass products, the consumer trend, and global shower glass market. From the manufacturer’ view, clear shower glass, low iron shower glass, frosted shower glass, tinted shower glass, and patterned shower glass are the top 5 types of shower glass on today’s market.

In this article, we’ll explore the key features, benefits, and considerations for the top 5 types of shower glass. Whether you prefer safety, transparency, color, privacy or design, you can choose the perfect shower glass to suit your preferences and needs with the help of this blog.

Migo Sliding Shower Door
Migo Sliding Shower Door

2. Top 5 Types of Shower Glass

Now, more and more people believe that it is the essential choice to select the right shower glass separating the bathroom into independent functional areas to prevent water and dirt from splashing out. But there are some common problems for the most first time buyers. How many types of common shower glass? Which type of shower glass is suitable for my bathroom?  What is the benefit for specific shower glass?

In this blog, we will explore the benefits, features and applications of the top 5 types of shower glass. By following this guide, you can can make the right choice when choosing shower glass for you bathroom.

Types of shower glass
Types of Shower Glass

2.1 Clear Shower Glass

Clear shower glass is the most common type of shower glass. It is completely transparent, allowing maximum light to pass through and giving the shower area a spacious feel. Clear shower glass is made from regular glass but is typically treated to be more resistant to water stains and soap scum buildup. Clear shower glass is also the basis for processing other types of shower glass. At MIGO shower glass, we produce clear shower glass panels and doors all year round.  

2.1.1 Main Benefits of Clear Shower Glass

Clear shower glass creates a spacious and open feel in the bathroom. It is ideal for smaller or darker spaces that can benefit from more light penetration.

Clear shower glass also complements a wide range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional, its simplicity allows it to integrate seamlessly with various decorative elements.

Clear shower glass offers a timeless and elegant look, adding a touch of sophistication to any bathroom setting.

2.1.2 High Transparency and Light Transmission

Clear shower glass is very high transparency, so it has excellent visibility both inside and outside the shower enclosure. This transparency not only enhances the overall appearance of the bathroom but also allows natural light to fill the space. The unobstructed light transmission creates a bright and inviting atmosphere, making the bathroom feel more airy and expansive.

2.1.3 Maintenance Consideration

Clear glass is more prone to water spots, soap scum, and fingerprints, which can affect its pristine appearance over time. You should carry out regular cleaning using appropriate cleaning agents and tools to keep the glass looking clear and sparkling. MIGO glass expert can give you professional advice on the best cleaning practices to maintain the clarity and longevity of the clear shower glass.

2.1.4 Design Options and Application

Clear shower glass is a versatile to fit various shower designs and configurations. It is flexible for both framed and frameless shower enclosures, it is also can be made in hinged shower glass doors and sliding shower glass doors. Clear glass can be combined with other materials such as tile, stone, or metal to create personal shower designs.

Clear shower glass is available in different thicknesses for different level of durability and structural integrity. MIGO Glass recommends 6mm, 8mm and 10mm tempered clear shower glass as options. Furthermore, we can wholesale clear shower glass with protective coatings or etched designs to further enhance its appearance and functionality.

MIGO Clear Shower Glass for Sale
MIGO Clear Shower Glass

2.2 Low Iron Shower Glass

Low iron shower glass also refers to ultra-white shower glass or high transparent shower glass. It is a premium and versatile glass for its exceptional clarity and high light transmittance of over 91.5%. Low iron shower glass has an iron content of less than 10% of standard glass. As a result, it appears nearly colorless, resembling clear crystal.

2.2.1 Main Benefits of Low Iron Shower Glass

Low iron shower glass is manufactured with reduced iron content, so it is exceptional clarity and transparency. It provides a clearer view and does not have the greenish tint often seen in standard clear shower glass.
Low iron glass accurately represents colors without distortion, allowing the true colors of tiles, fixtures, and bathroom decor to shine through.

2.2.2 Low Iron Shower Glass Applications

Low iron shower glass is suitable for luxury bathrooms, high-end spas, and upscale hotels where a premium appearance is desired.

2.2.3 What is difference between low iron shower glass and clear shower glass?

The primary difference between low iron shower glass and standard clear shower glass lies in their iron content. Low iron glass has a significantly reduced iron content compared to clear glass. Clear glass, on the other hand, has a higher iron content, which can impart a slight green hue to the glass.

MIGO Glass manufactures custom low iron shower glass with best clarity, true color representation for your shower options.

Best Low Iron Shower Glass Price
Best Low Iron Shower Glass

2.3 Tinted Shower Glass

Tinted shower glass is made with transparent glass mixing specific metal oxides to create tinted shower glass in various colors. Researchers discovered that by adding 0.4 to 0.7% colorant to the ordinary glass ingredients, the glass can acquire color.

The colorants used are primarily metal oxides, each with its own unique “spectral characteristics,” allowing for a range of colors to be achieved. For instance, the addition of chromium oxide (Cr2O3) produces a green tint, manganese dioxide (MnO2) yields a purple tint, and cobalt oxide (Co2O3) results in a blue tint.

Tinted shower glass offers a selection of colors and serves multiple purposes. It provides privacy while reducing the amount of light that enters the shower area. Additionally, tinted shower glass  helps minimize glare and heat from the sun.

2.3.1 Main Benefits of Tinted Shower Glass 

More Privacy. Tinted shower glass offers more privacy than clear shower glass.

UV protection. Tinted shower glass can be anti-UV rays to protect the your skin.

Various Styles. Tinted shower glass has various styles to suit different shower space.

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, there are tinted glass options available to fit your bathroom style.

MIGO brand tinted shower glass provides it a popular choice for bathrooms. This kind of shower glass is hot sale for its multiple options.

2.3.2 Tint Options

Tinted shower glass offers a range of tint options. You can choose from different levels of tint intensity, such as light or dark tints, to achieve the desired appearance of your bathroom.

2.3.3 Color Choices

Tinted shower glass has variety of colors, each with its own impact on the overall ambiance of the bathroom. Some common color choices include blue, gray, bronze, and more. Bronze tinted shower glass is the hot sale product.  MIGO Glass offers various tint options and color choices available, you can create a unique and personalized shower enclosure style.

Top 5 Types of Shower Glass - Tined Shower Glass
Tined Shower Glass
MIGO Tinted Glass Shower Room
MIGO Tinted Glass Shower Room

2.4 Frosted Shower Glass

Frosted shower glass undergoes processes such as mechanical sandblasting, chemical treatment, acid etching, frosting, and screen printing to transform ordinary flat transparent glass into a rough and uneven, translucent surface. Acid frosted shower glass is a popular choice for individuals seeking privacy in the shower.

2.4.1 Main benefits of Frosted Shower Glass

Enhanced privacy.The rough texture surface of frosted shower glass scatters light, or transmits light without providing clear visibility through the glass. Frosted shower glass provides a higher level of privacy compared to clear glass. The textured surface of frosted glass obscures direct visibility, making it an excellent option for those who value privacy in shower areas.

2.4.2 Light Diffusion

Frosted shower glass allows light to penetrate while diffusing it, creating a soft and gentle illumination within the shower enclosure. This diffused light adds a touch of ambiance and can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. The frosting effect achieved through etching or sandblasting techniques scatters light, reducing transparency and preventing clear visibility.

2.4.3 Design Considerations for Various Opacity

Frosted shower glass has different levels of opacity, so it is flexible for deisgn and customization. Partial and full frosted shower glass are both common options for opacity consideration.

Partially frosted shower glass can be an excellent choice when you want to balance privacy with the desire for some visibility. It can be applied to specific areas of the glass, such as high sections or specific patterns, to create a visually appealing design.

Full frosted shower glass provides maximum privacy by completely obscuring visibility. It is commonly used for shower enclosures where a high level of privacy is desired. MIGO Shower Glass think that partially frosted shower glass will give you more personalized choices.

2.4.4 Applications

Modern Application. Frosted shower glass can add a sleek and contemporary element. It can fit with minimalist fixtures and clean lines to create a stylish and sophisticated bathroom space.

Traditional Application. Frosted shower glass can fit into traditional or vintage-inspired bathrooms. It can add a touch of elegance and nostalgia when combined with classic design elements such as ornate hardware or vintage tile patterns.

Custom Application. Frosted shower glass offers the opportunity for custom application. Acid etching or sandblasting techniques can create unique and personalized shower glass patterns.

Best Frosted Shower Glass Wholesale
Best Frosted Shower Glass

2.5 Patterned Shower Glass

Patterned shower glass is manufactured using a rolling method, where flat glass is formed. The surface of patterned glass has different shades and embossed patterns. The uneven surface texture causes light to scatter as it passes through, creating a diffused effect. Consequently, when viewing an object on the opposite side of the glass, the object’s image appears blurred, while still allowing light transmission.

Patterned shower glass diffuses light, creating a softened illumination within the shower area. It also offers privacy by obscuring the view from one side to the other. Patterned shower glass includes rain, Moru, Nashiji, and ceanic patterns, etc.

2.5.1 Main Benefits of Patterned Shower Glass

Better privacy. The patterns on the glass provide varying degrees of privacy by obscuring the view from the outside.
Decorative element. Patterned shower glass adds a decorative touch to the bathroom. It can serve as a focal point or complement the existing design elements.

2.5.2 Unique Visual Feeling

The patterns etched or printed on the glass surface add texture and depth, creating an interesting light and shadow.

2.5.3 Pattern Selection Considerations

Privacy level. Consider the opacity of the pattern and how much visibility it provides from both inside and outside the shower enclosure.

Aesthetic compatibility. Choose a pattern that complements the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Maintenance and cleaning. Consider the ease of maintenance and choose a pattern that suits your cleaning preferences and routine.

Lighting effects. Some patterns may diffuse or scatter light, while others may create interesting shadow patterns.

Premium Patterned Shower Glass Price
Premium Patterned Shower Glass

3. Factors When  Choosing Right Types of Shower Glass

The shower area is often a focal point of the bathroom, and the type of shower glass you choose can significantly impact both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the shower space. Here are 6 important factors you should consider when choosing the right shower glass.

Aesthetics. The shower glass you choose greatly enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom. It complements the existing décor, creates continuity, and contributes to the overall shower design theme. The right shower glass helps achieve your desired aesthetic vision, whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and ornate style.

Functionality. Shower glass serves as a barrier between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. It plays a vital role in containing water, preventing leaks, and ensuring that the surrounding areas remain dry and safe.

Privacy. Privacy is an essential consideration for glass. Some types of shower glass, such as frosted or patterned shower glass, offer enhanced privacy by obscuring visibility while still allowing light to pass through.

Natural Light. Natural light can make bathroom feel more spacious, inviting, and relaxing. The right shower glass can allow ample natural light to penetrate the shower area, brightening up the space and creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Maintenance and Durability. Shower glass is exposed to water, heat, and everyday use. High-quality shower glass is resistant to staining, scratching, and corrosion can save you time and effort in cleaning and maintaining the glass over the long term.

Safety Concerns. Safety is paramount in any bathroom setting. It is crucial to select shower glass from famous shower glass manufacturer such as MIGO Glass. Our tempered glass is highly recommended for shower enclosures due to its strength and ability to shatter into small, less harmful pieces when broken. Proper installation with appropriate hardware and seals can further enhance safety.

By understanding the features of top 5 types of shower glass, you can explore and find your perfect shower glass for your specific needs.

MIGO Glass has been manufacturing and wholesaling shower glass with 19+ years of experiences. If you have any questions in choosing any types of shower shower glass, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our shower glass experts will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading.

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